Apr 30 2014

Allesweter post #1 Introduction

Greetings readers,

My name is the Allesweter. I like to tell stories. And by “I like to tell stories” I mean I LOVE to tell stories! I am considered the world’s smartest wum. I simply… know everything. Not only am I the world’s most intelligent wum. I am also the only wum in the world that owns a projector! And this is not just an ordinary projector. No, it’s far from ordinary. This projector projects pretty much any scroll or drawing you find on my wall. Pretty exciting, right?

I live in the Jungle, a place that once was the peaceful garden of the Wumhouse, harvested by our allies, the blussers. It was full of beautiful plants and a gigantic pond. However, after letting the blussers do their job for a while, we looked back at the garden and there was nothing but a jungle. The blussers mysteriously disappeared. Here is a picture of my old house. I can’t show you a picture of my new house, since some pesky creature called Denksnavel might come to annoy me every morning should he discover the location…


Recently I’ve been given some sort of typewriter. It allows me to write my stories down and project them on something called “The Internet”. I’m not sure where and how this will take place (and I swear this is probably the only thing in the world that I don’t know the answer to), but I’m sure someone will be reading this. I will try to update with some history. Because every wum should know his history, right? Of course, you can also choose to figure out everything once you are here and bring me some nice filmstrips for my projector. I’m already looking forward to it.

See you soon!


-The Allesweter

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