May 15 2014

Allesweter post #2 Wuppo Wars (part 1)


Greetings everyone!

The Allesweter is back to type a historic lesson. I’m not sure how much you know about my world, so I will fill you in with some of the basics. Right now we live in a very peaceful time and environment. But that was a different story a long time ago. Most of us wums actually survived a huge war with the awful Fnakkers. From the moment we set foot on this planet, there were 4 different races. I drew them to illustrate the story.

Wuppo Game Lore 4 Races Allesweter Characters

Please don’t judge my drawing. I’m the Allesweter. I know everything, I don’t draw everything. Anyhow, these are the 4 races. On the left we have a wum, by far the most important race nowadays. We have been blessed with incredible intelligence. Our weakness used to be that we have no special skills other than our brains. We could only hold things in our mouth and we weren’t able to fight very well. That was of course before Flentrik Popot invented the popohat. But I will get into that another time.

Next to the wums we have the blussers. Maybe these were our closest allies. They are very friendly and possess the amazing ability to absorb and spray out liquid. They can shoot water with incredible strength and proved themselves as great fighters.

Next to that we have the splenkhakkers. These cheeky guys have the incredible ability to harvest splenk. They have huge mouths and love to eat pretty much anything. They are also very focused on entertainment. They believe this is their main talent and they dedicated their lives to making the world’s “entertainment park”.

And at the very right I drew an ugly fnakker. These guys were terrible! Obsessed with power, they wanted to have the planet to themselves…

That is all for now. I must say I really enjoyed typing this. I don’t know where this is going, but I feel like I’m making some sort of a connection here. I’m also getting a lot quicker with the typewriter, which really helps. This typewriter is an amazing invention. I can actually use my feet to operate it, instead of having to search for my old popohat. Ah, the popohat… There is so much to tell.

You will be hearing from me soon,


-The Allesweter

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