Aug 05 2014

Allesweter post #3 Wuppo Wars (part 2)

Greetings readers!

Yet another beautiful day in my universe. I’ve been thinking quite a while about what I should project on the internet next. I’m having a hard time whether I want to talk about history, or whether I want to talk about new exciting things that are happening now. I have a friend named Bobo. He’s the developers’ favorite wum. “The Developer” would be the one who has been adding things to our world for a long time now. Whenever something new gets added, Bobo wakes up in that place and get’s to try out everything first. I know this sounds very, very strange, and a lot of wums don’t believe me, so I actually try to refrain from talking about this too much to keep up my reputation and credibility, but I feel like I can write down anything here. So Bobo frequently returns to my house to show me some new filmstrips he found. And nothing freshens up my memory like a filmstrip!

Anyhow, that is how far my rant will go for now. You came here to learn some history.

In my previous projection, I spoke of a “huge war”. I was talking about the Wuppo Wars. Where we fought and defeated the evil fnakkers.

The first days were horrible. Us wums had nothing to defend ourselves with. But then a legendary hero arose, going by the name “Bert Smulder”! And he was a brave one! He came to the idea to form an alliance with the splenkhakkers and the Blussers. And while he organized a counter attack he immediately made a technological breakthrough! As I told you before, splenkhakkers poses the ability to harvest splenk. Splenk is a material that is found in small proportions in almost everything. Since splenkhakkers eat almost everything, they gather a lot of splenk. In their body, the splenk sticks together into the strongest material our world has ever known.

In battle, the splenkhakkers were able to spit these splenk rocks towards the fnakkers. And while they were doing so, Bert commanded the Blussers to spray water. That’s when he discovered the unbeatable combination of Splenk and Water. Splenk is a very strong and dense material, but it still absorbs warm water. In fact, the more water it absorbs, the stronger and bigger it becomes. The small splenkrocks turned into massive splenkboulders and the fnakkers were easily driven away. In fact we managed to chase them away far enough for them to fall into “the Sinkhole“. A mysterious hole in the ground.

After we won the war, we swore to never live in fear again. The wums voted Bert Smulder to be the architect of “The Wumhouse”. Thanks to Bert’s technique and the cooperation of the splenhakkers and blussers, we were able to build the highest, strongest house for every wum in the world to live in. From now on, everyone would live in luxury. And free food for everyone!

The splenhakkers set off to build their amazing theme park. While the Blussers decided to live in the garden of the Wumhouse. They created a beautiful and almost spiritual place with lots of plants and water. The 3 remaining races lived in peace.

That is all for now. I’ll type to you soon!


-The Allesweter

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