Mar 03 2015

Allesweter post #4 Popostad

Greetings readers!

It has been a long time since I’ve typed a story to you! I haven’t been awake for a long time. You see, for a wum of my age, it’s quite easy to dose off and never return until awoken by another wum. Normally, my friend Bobo would’ve woken me up. However, he has not been around my house for a very long time. Yesterday he appeared in my house again, telling me about all the exciting things he has seen. He has been visiting Popostad (or Popo City). Apparently there are many exciting things going on over there right now. So I’ve decided that I will tell my readers a thing or two about the history of Popostad.

As you were able to read in my previous posts, the wums built the Wumhouse after winning the Wuppo War. Bert Smulder, architect of the Wumhouse, made sure that we could live in luxury forever. However, after time passed, many Wums started getting bored. There was nothing left to do and they felt that their life was pointless. Even visiting the Splenkhakker theme park wasn’t enough to fill their need for excitement. Under command of Flentrik Popot, founder of the popohat* they decided to move out of the Wumhouse and build their own city, Popostad.

But where would they build Popostad? Would they find a way to cross the Zinkgat*. Or would they build their own land on sea? They chose none of the above. Instead they managed to build a gigantic machine that digs vertically into the ground. And so they started building Popostad far under the ground. Deep beneath the Wumhouse. Later, they turned the digging machine into a transportation device, which they now call a “train”.

Popostad is aimed towards technological improvement. Instead of living life in luxury, they want to work hard and expand their intelligence. Popostad has come up with the “credit system”. Whenever a wum (or as they call themselves: a popo*) does something useful, he gets rewarded with “credit”. This credit isn’t something that is bound to a single wum or something you can spend in the shop, but it’s a collective indication of how well the Popos are doing. Whenever they finish an area of the city, they will start developing a new area with even more technology. But they will only do this if the city has reached a certain amount of credit. That way, Popos always have something to look forward to while working hard. Currently, Popostad has pretty much finished their latest addition to the city “Popostad Central”. They use purple tubes to travel throughout the city, and even some device they call a “tram”. Popos are opening their own stores and services. And they say that once they will reach 100.000 credit, they will start building their most ambitious project yet: “New Popylon”.

*The popohat is a hat with a mechanical arm, that allows us wums to grab things more precisely than we normally would.
*The Zinkgat is a giant hole in the ground, east of the Wumhouse. We don’t know where it came from, but it has always been there. We won the Wuppo War by pushing the Fnakkers in there, and we have never heard of them again.
*A popo is a wum that has converted his vision on life and lifestyle according the popo movement.

Right now I really have to go, because I don’t want Denksnavel to find out I’m awake. He’s probably already suspecting something… If he finds out, he’ll keep calling me and I won’t ever be able to sleep anymore! Maybe I should figure out a way to get rid of him… See you soon!


– The Allesweter
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