Aug 27 2019

Indie gem ‘Wuppo’ will launch on Nintendo Switch september 5th!

Utrecht, the Netherlands – 27th of August– The very well received action adventure platformer Wuppo: Definitive Edition will launch on the Nintendo Switch on september 5th. Wuppo: Definitive Edition is also available for pre-order on the Nintendo Switch eShop starting August 27th 5pm PDT with a discount of 20%

Watch the trailer here:

Download press assets here:

About Wuppo: Definitive Edition

In this quirky and cute action adventure platformer, players play as a Wum who is looking for a new home. Players embark on a journey through the bizarre but charming world of Wuppo, encountering strange creatures, puzzles, monsters and political chaos. Wuppo has been very well received by critics and gamers alike since its release on Steam, even being crowned to “The most overlooked ‘hidden gem’ on Steam” by PCgamer.


  • Enjoy an all new co-op mode!
  • Explore a wondrous world filled with Wums, Fnakkers and other strange creatures.
  • Resolve an ancient conflict on your quest for a new home.
  • Utilize items and social skills to overcome diverse challenges.
  • Fight numerous enemies, ranging from small, to big, to MASSIVE!
  • Collect filmstrips to discover the world’s detailed history.
  • Enjoy an enchanting and memorable orchestrated soundtrack.
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