Dec 26 2014

Development Blog Wuppo – November & December 2014

Updates! Read the updates for November & December below.

Bliekenstad & Redav Kned’s Guesthouse (2 new area’s)
The gaps in the game world are slowly closing as I’m trying to quickly add all area’s. It always takes a while to settle on a visual style, so the start usually goes very slowly. But two of the end game places are pretty defined now. There’s a new place called “Blieken Stad” which used to be an ancient city, but now it is a little different… Also one of the area’s in there “Redav Kned’s Guesthouse” is nearing completion, which is probably the most puzzly place in the game. Both in a game play way as in a … “What is going on in there?” way. It may be a little creepy… These places were built by an ancient civilisation (The Blieken), so you’ll also find traces of their own alphabet, which may or may not help you figure out some puzzles.

One of the major updates in November is the Train station. It’s where the train to Popo City is. But it also stops at random train stations that got built over time. So even if you finished the storyline, there will be many places for you to explore. The Train isn´t completely finished yet (for example, the passengers still need to walk – move to their seat – move back to the exit and jump out) but I feel like the toughest part is done.

One of the items that is finally finished now is the Popohat. A group of Wums seperated themselves and formed the Popo movement, because they weren’t happy with the way things were going in the Wumhouse. Their movement is strictly aimed towards technological advancement. The Popohat is an example, that basically gives a Wum some sort of mechanical arm, so they aren’t as useless in building things as they used to be…

Live performed Dance Party
Probably the silliest thing that got added is the live performance of a percussion Fnakker. He drums along with the music and get’s the crowd going… 😀

Other updates:
  • 2 New mini bosses
  • Fnakkers
  • Krenktorium enemies (Redav Kned’s Guesthouse)
  • Fixed many… things (too detail-y to get into. For example the player’s weapon sprites weren’t 100% correctly aimed towards the cursor which would look odd in very specific situations)

  • November went really well. December went a little slower because the new area needed some time to form in a way that we’re both satisfied with. Also I was needing a break badly, because I overworked a little too much. But the results are great and it´s really fun to look back on the area´s we have now. Every place definitely has it’s own style and feel 😀

    I’m super excited to keep going in 2015 and actually try to finish Wuppo! We’re hoping to have a full play-through playable around June. We’ll start alpha testing in the Netherlands soon after that. While spending a few more months to finish the more “optional” parts of the game. We’ll also create a Steam Greenlight page soon(ish), so please stay tuned for that! We’ll really need your help to get our game noticed and create a bigger audience!

    That’s it for now. Have a great holiday (if you have one) and we’ll see you in 2015!!

    Here’s the development timelapse for November & December:

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    • Raylazor

      Hello Lars! 2015 is trucking along and I’m curious about a few things:
      1. Do you believe Wuppo will be able to meet the 2015 deadline?
      2. What is the full-priced release of Wuppo when it becomes available?
      3. What do you find particularly challenging about developing Wuppo?


      • larsosaurus

        1. We think we can finish the game in 2015 yes.
        2. I can’t really tell, because I don’t know how we’ll be selling it (for example if we get it on steam, they´d want a share too). We also don’t know what seems like a good price yet (because we haven’t looked into it). But I’m guessing it’ll be similar to other same-sized indie games. On a side note, we are planning to make a bonus material edition, featuring 2 short animations (which are already finished) and the full OST.
        3. Uhmmm…. Predicting how long things take, haha. Making progress goes with ups and downs. I find it really easy to lose myself in trying to perfect a single thing, while there’s so much to do. Luckily our planning sort of allows a few of those moments.

        Cheers back at you! 😀