Nov 15 2014

Development Blog Wuppo – October 2014

October ended! There’s a bunch of new content, and I also did more cleaning up the engine for easier development. Here’s an overview of some updates/changes.

We’ve been thinking of how to handle music for a while now. Recently gamemaker: studio finally made it possible to play multiple mp3’s in stereo (that was about time). So now we couldn’t resist adding layered music to some parts of the game. Basically it means that we can play songs in different layers, and then control the volume of these layers. It could be used for more adaptive and dynamic music. You can watch the demonstration below (NOTE: it’s placeholder music).

A while back I added a day/night cycle in Wuppo. But it could get really dark at night. We didn’t want you to walk in the darkness for 50% of the game. So now every map has a “lightmap” (think of it as sunrays, or light from static lights in the map), apart from the light that any item gives. Basically the game looks a lot prettier at night than it did before.
+The light in the engine is renewed for easier use.
+It’s also gotten “lighter” for less GPU powered computers (optional).

World 1 updates
  • World Boss finished. I’m extremely tempted to show you guys…. but I won’t. We can’t spoil too many surprises :C But it’s awesome.
  • renewed outdated/ugly maps (there were a lot of them).
  • added location: Zinkgat.
  • Renewed and finalized the story through “the WumGarden” (the Jungle place).
  • Meet “Denk Snavel”! He’s not very friendly, but he can be helpful when you’re stuck. He spent a lot of time stalking the Allesweter, which is why he knows so many things (the Allesweter knows everything). It’s also why the Allesweter left his old house… You’re warned…

  • Other updates
  • Train graphics finished
    (There’s a train that allows you to travel between “The Wumhouse” and the Underground City “Popo City” ).
  • Visual style defined for a part (1/3) of the last world.
  • Improved enemy AI.
  • Added the 2x HQ shader I showed a while back, now it works together with other shaders. Basically it looks a bit better in full screen (optional).

  • November and December are probably going to focus on adding the remaining locations of the game, rather than adding the story into the game. With all the work I’ve done on improving my coding environment, it’s gotten really easy to implement these story elements (through dialogues and NPC interaction). However it still requires a really good plan/structure to guide the player in a way that he/she will never get stuck or confused, whatever choice he makes and whatever direction he walks in. I think it will save time if I swap a little less between all these things that have to be done. Besides… Finally adding all these things we thought of… It’s going to be a lot of fun.

    Hopefully this was enjoyable for some of you!
    Oh and of course here’s the time lapse of October 2014:


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    • Sean Li

      Still waiting for this, any predictions on when the game will come out?

      • larsosaurus

        We think Q3/4 2015