Oct 08 2014

Development Blog Wuppo – September 2014

September was a busy month. Over the years the game has gotten much bigger and my programming has gotten much better. A lot of the old code has gotten really .. crappy and ugly. I think it’s something that a lot of (learning/indie) developers need to deal with and have to accept most of the time, but in this case I decided to fix some things up, to improve the workflow for creating the rest of the game.

Dialogue system
Especially the dialogue system needed a rework. And that turned into, probably the best thing I ever programmed technically. Wuppo has a complex dialogue system. It has scrolling text with different speeds, colored text, player input, short breaks where characters show emotion and the list goes on. While the previous system I built was time consuming and took a lot of concentration to get into (especially after not coding for a while), the new one is incredibly easy and quick to use. I automated everything that there is to automate and it will save a LOT of time when finishing the game. It’s also really easy to adjust any dialogue now while playing the game. In fact, the whole thing has gotten so easy, that it seems possible to crowd-source the language translations for the game, which is something we’re extremely excited about… But more on that around release time. The downside of this change was that none of the NPC’s worked anymore, so they had to be recreated. The game was full of errors and sadness for a while, but currently very close to patching all that up. It’s also an opportunity to improve things. Me and Thomas got together to get a final look at the story telling and the game is getting really solid now.

New Shopping System
Shop owners now have their own inventory and they keep the items that you sell to them. It’s also gotten a lot easier for me to add things. The game is now ready for loads and loads of items.

Improved Inventory
Player is able to resize the item window now.

No more black outline
This is something that happened a while ago, but in the screenshots of the site all the characters have a black outline. Now the outline colored and it helps the characters to immerse with the scenery more. Basically it just looks a little better.

More Maps
Of course it wasn’t all technical improvement. I added some maps and also improved many old ones.

New boss
Our final boss from the first world (Wumhouse Garden) is getting replaced. We weren’t super satisfied with it and it didn’t fit into the reworked storyline anymore. Besides our playtesters from last year were enthusiastic about it, but not enthusiastic enough! The new boss is called Blafknoft and he promises to be an epic finale for the first world 😀

I hope it’s possible to understand most of what I’m talking about for the people that are interested in Wuppo updates, even though most of you haven’t playtested it and I’m trying to keep some things a surprise even if you are following the whole process.

Here’s the “super easy to understand” video timelapse of September 2014:


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    • larsosaurus

      aaah got me D:

  • Seasons (Saggy)

    Inb4MMORPGnextLevel. I believe in you mate.

  • nova

    looking forward to this!
    and more devblogs please…

  • iKnowHowToDerp

    I can NOT wait for this anymore Lars! I’ve been following since your original YT announcement, and I’m just super hyped for this!

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    is it out yet??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  • Jonathan W

    I would love to have the privilege to beta test this game!
    I want to help with the process to make this game great and to help speed it up because I am certain to purchase the game anyways!

    • larsosaurus

      That’s awesome! But we’ll only alpha/beta-test it in the Netherlands in a closed environment 😮 If you do happen to live there (or close), just spam us once we start talking about a cbt!

      • toby

        Do i have to be a adult or something to test it cause i live in the netherlands to!

        • larsosaurus

          It would actually be nice to have some younger people 😀 of course you can come! But currently we haven’t planned anything yet, so stay tuned!

  • toby

    Hey!I really love the style of wuppo