Dec 13 2016

Wuppo Boss Run available!

Wuppo’s first big update has arrived and is now available for free on Steam!

The update contains a brand new game mode that will be available after completing the game, named “Boss Run”. Boss Run will test your skills by putting you in front of all bosses one by one, in one go. Of course, for this you’ll have to be a well-trained Wuppo player, and that’s why you can also practice against the bosses individually, to make sure you’re well prepared to fight any boss at any time.

New features:

  • Boss Run; Will be available from the startup menu after you have completing the story mode
  • All Bosses mode; in which you can try defeating all bosses in one try
  • Practice mode; in which you can choose what boss you want to fight
  • Score system; based on how far you get, how many times you get hit and how fast you were.
  • Online Leaderboards; (Steam version only) to compete with everyone around the world! (Or with your friends if you’re afraid of the world)
  • 8 Brand new achievements; (Steam version only)

  • The Boss Run update is currently only available for Steam. It will come to GoG soon.

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