Jul 16 2020

Wuppo: Breft Festival (Forever) – Announcement

Mess up or clean the bizarre world of Wuppo: Breft Festival (Forever) in this action packed 3v3 online platformer shooter. Go make friends, gain rivals and become a BFF legend!

Wuppo: Breft Festival (Forever) is the second game by Knuist & Perzik. A new exciting chapter in the Wuppo universe! They’ve secretly been working on this project for over 2 years now, and are SUPER excited to finally reveal it.

You can now visit the Steam page and add the game to your wishlist!

Watch the trailer here:


Writing an article? <3 You can download press assets here.

About Wuppo: Breft Festival (Forever)

Hundreds of years after the world-altering events in Wuppo, inhabitants of Smeerwijk have found a new obsession… Breft Festival, the illegal sport where team Bremsel tries to mess up someone’s restaurant, while team Breft tries to keep it clean.

Wuppo: Breft Festival (Forever) is an online 3v3 multiplayer 2D action platformer shooter with ridiculous characters, a bizarre world and a ton of surprises. Play with Team Breft (clean) or Team Bremsel (dirty) in the main BFF mode or join the fun in one of the weekly specials. Prefer offline? How about an exciting singleplayer experience in the offline tournament mode. Pick your favourite Wuppo character and soak your friends and rivals to become a BFF legend!


  • Get good at 3v3 online BFF team battles
  • Be surprised by the weekly special game modes
  • Enjoy the intense tournament mode with story elements
  • Pick your favourite from the diverse list of characters
  • Master 9 distinct weapons with their own gameplay strategies
  • Play minigames with online leaderboards from your very own apartment
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